Why Coco2 is the #1 alternative after Mother’s Milk.

Unlike other formulas in the market, Coco2 closely mimics the nutritional composition of mother's milk, providing babies with essential nutrients for growth, immune support, digestive health, and brain development.

WORLD'S FIRST Coconut-based infant formula

After more than ten years of hard work, we're thrilled to reveal the world's first coconut-powder based infant formula, marking a significant leap in baby nutrition. This cutting-edge formula draws from the wholesome benefits of coconut and is designed to closely resemble mother's milk in nutrition. This biosimilar formulation ensures Coco2 it's the next best option for your baby, packed with the vital nutrients needed for healthy growth, like proteins, fats, and carbs. Our dedication to high-quality, organic and clean ingredients means we're offering parents the absolute best, plant-based choice for their little ones, showing our commitment to both their health and the planet's future.

  • Coconut is a rich source of fatty acids, closely mirroring the nutritional composition of mother's milk. These acids, in particular one called Lauric Acid, are incredibly important for babies because it helps them grow strong and healthy in various ways:

    1. Energy Boost: Lauric acid gives babies a quick energy boost because their bodies can use it easily. This energy is crucial for their rapid growth and development.

    2. Protection from Germs: Lauric acid also helps babies fight off germs like bacteria and viruses. Since babies' immune systems are still learning, this extra protection is really helpful in keeping them healthy.

    3. Happy Tummies: This special fat is good for babies' tummies too! It helps soothe their digestive systems and can prevent common tummy troubles like constipation or diarrhea.

    4. Smart Babies: Last but not least, lauric acid helps babies' brains grow. It provides important nutrients that support brain development, helping them become smart and curious little ones.

Fatty Acids in Coco2

Fatty acids are the basic elements of milk fats and are essential for infant growth and development. They play important roles in the development of the central nervous system and the induction of the immune response, besides having anticarcinogenic and antidiabetic effects.

Let's explore the amazing benefits of the naturally present fatty acids in Coco2!


COCO2 vs. COW & GOAT baby formulas





Cow's Milk-Based Formula

Goat's Milk-Based Formula

Source of Protein

Plant-based protein Animal-based protein Animal-based protein

Lauric Acid Content

Naturally contains lauric acid, mimics mother's milk Low or no lauric acid content. Need to be added. Low or no lauric acid content.  Need to be added.

Allergenic Potential

Low allergenic potential High allergenic potential Lower allergenic potential compared to cow's milk


Generally well-tolerated by infants May cause digestive issues in some infants May be easier to digest than cow's milk for some infants

Nutrient Profile

Rich in medium-chain fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals Contains nutrients found in cow's milk, may lack certain vitamins and minerals Similar nutrient profile to cow's milk.

Immune Support

Lauric acid provides antimicrobial properties, supporting immune health Limited immune support properties Limited immune support properties

Environmental Impact

Often sourced sustainably, with less environmental impact compared to dairy farming Higher environmental impact due to dairy farming practices May have lower environmental impact compared to cow's milk due to smaller farming scale

Need for Added Oil

Does not require added oil as coconut milk is naturally high in fats Requires added vegetable oils for fat content Requires added vegetable oils for fat content


Neutral smell and taste, appealing to infants May have a distinct smell and taste that some infants may not prefer May have a mild taste that some infants find more palatable compared to cow's milk